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Eco by Sonya first ever – NOT for profit product launched worldwide.
Hand & Nail Cream 100% of the profit goes to Rafiki Mwema! The hand & Nail Cream which moisturizes, regenerates, soothes & makes change in this world.

“Imagine you are a child with no one in the world to care for you. Imagine being as young as 2 years old and being shunned and beaten for YOUR sin of being horrifically abused.”

Earlier in the year we donated AUD 100.000 for the Charity Rafiki Mwema, that was an instant fix. BUT what you DIDN’T know is that a glorious plan was put in place to provide a long term solution to help Rafiki Mwema be sustainable. Eco Tan – Eco by Sonya had an idea to bring out a certified organic product with 100% of the profits to go directly to helping the wonderful women who run Rafiki Mwema

Our passion is about Green Clean Beauty and about helping others. It’s what drives us. ECO TAN – Eco by Sonya is a philanthropic company, lifting others up.
Charity organisation Rafiki Mwema, holding the hand of the future, has up to 70 children in 4 safe houses on a farm in Kenya. The charity has also built a video link safe-room in the court in Nakuru, Kenya as the children that are raped get interrogated in courtrooms by the abuser. As young as 3 years old. We could tell you things that will never leave you. With our and your support Rafiki Mwema can provide safe houses in Kenya for young girls and boys who have experienced horrific abuse. At present they safe guard 70 children across four houses teaching love, respect and empathy.

The NEW Eco by Sonya Driver Hand & Nail Cream for Rafiki Mwema is a beautiful certified organic hand & nail cream designed to replenish and retain moisture to your skin. Made using only the kindest organic and natural ingredients like Organic Mango, Sea Buckthorn and Vitamin C that are known to soothe, hydrate & help restore rough, dry and stressed skin. Our Hand & Nail Cream will provide you with super soft skin, strong nails and a full heart!

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