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The first in the Superfoods Skincare range is FACE COMPOST MASK! This mask is TRULY unique. Super organic greens, seeds, oils all the stinky chunky good stuff!
No toxic perfume to cover up the spinach, chlorella, spirulina smell. This mask is PACKED with skin benefits. White clay is the best out of the clays for all skin types. It is a great detoxifier and the Chia Seeds and Acai work their magic and clean out the pores. SERIOUSLY, Face Compost leaves your skin feeling deeply nourished.

So what is it going to do to your gorgeous skin?
Eco By Sonya Driver Face Compost® is not just any face mask; it is a phenomenal luxe mask for all skin types that will bring your skin to its next level. Smoothing, anti-acne, anti-ageing & nourishing properties. It will brighten and draw out impurities leaving your skin hydrated and drenched in green goodness. Created to clear, smooth and feed.
7 Super Ingredients. 7 Superpowers. 7 minutes…. Next level skin care! Face Compost Mask | Organic Superpower

Certified organic by the Organic food chain of Australia.
So what does this mean you ask?
No GMO’s. No animal testing. Nothing!!! ABSOLUTELY nothing synthetic/ artificial. Auditing and strict transparency on every ingredient and process.

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