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Lets ‘Face’ it!
Beauty trends come and go, and to be honest many of them shouldn’t have shown up in the first place! Hyaluronic Acid is NOT one of those ingredients.
Hyaluronic Acid is a key ingredient in Eco Tan Face Tan Water… But what are the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid?

Face Tan Water is our organic gradual liquid tanning serum/toner. This little gem is the all time best seller on board of Iceland Air and WOW air. It contains nothing artificial and is free from synthetic ingredients. Instead, it is made with only certified organic and natural ingredients sourced from Mother Nature.
Its calming, hydrating, and antioxidant properties are great for all skin types, even for rosacea, eczema and acne effected skin! Hyaluronic Acid (H.A) also has wonderful anti-ageing properties and is also one of the most effective hydrating ingredients for skin.

Let’s talk about skin benefits of Hyaluronic Acid
Youthful skin has the ability to hold water and retain balanced moisture with naturally occuring H.A, so as we age our skin loses it’s ability to maintain this and that is where H.A in our beauty products makes it’s star appearance!
Hyaluronic Acid is actually a vital natural substance which is part of our skin. It works to keep every aspect of the skin stable, protected and renewed. And it also holds large amounts of moisture to your skin avoiding dehydration and this can reduce effects of premature ageing too! What’s even more impressive is that H.A can do this for skin without over supplying moisture!
Did you know that too much water is a problem for skin because it causes key substances holding skin’s surface intact to break down? YES!
H.A can enhance skin moisture beyond comparison with anything else!

We break this down a bit more…
Unprotected sun exposure, damaging ingredients and harsh weather conditions can weaken your skin. H.A’s properties help to mitigate these issues, and when you use Face Tan Water as part of your daily skin regime you are feeding your skin with this incredible ingredient.
H.A also provides an antioxidant defence, this means it is one of the greatest multi-tasking products on the market to assist with anti-ageing and multiple skin issues… Do we want that? YES!
So, in the end H.A is the master of skin regimes.

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